Installation manual „HCL Sametime Meetings V11.5 Pre-Release (almost) Step by step”

I had the opportunity to try the implementation of HCL Sametime Meetings 11.5. Pre-Release.

I tried to build on the previous step by step manual to implement HCL Sametime V11. I created a similar tutorial, which was created during my test deployment.

Maybe it will help some again.

9 thoughts on “Installation manual „HCL Sametime Meetings V11.5 Pre-Release (almost) Step by step””

  1. Hi Ales,
    I was having issues with the JWT authentication with Sametime Domino directory to the Meeting Server; and I received assistance from HCL.
    It appears your doc may be directing JWT changes based on the incorrect ENV file for the token..
    The correct file from which to copy the token and perform updates on the other servers is actually a hidden file “.env” on the meeting server.

  2. Great manual!
    I installed Sametime 11.5 and audio/video works fine if there are two users in meetings. But when any 3-rd user connects, audio/video fails. Everyone see only his own camera and can’t see other participants.
    Have you been able to get ST 11.5 Meetings working for 5 or more users?

    • Hi
      The same problem for me – when the third one joins, no one can see other people’s cameras anymore.
      Is there any explanation for this problem?

        • First Server: Win 2016 + Domino + Sametime + Mongo + Proxy
          Second Server: CentOS 7.8 + Sametime Meetings 11.5

          It’s okay when 2 users are connected to the meeting.
          When a third user connects (we’ve tried different computers, always the Chrome browser), everyone sees only themselves – others’ cameras are no longer visible.
          The same problem as described by Aleksandr

    • For people complaining of issues with > 2 attendees: ensure that port UDP 10000 is open inbound to the stmeetings server. I just worked with Keith Kopanski @ HCL on this and opening that on the firewall immediately fixed our issue behaving the exact same as described.


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