How I solved the problem Sametime integration with iNotes / Verse

I recently worked on one integration of Sametime V 11.6 with iNotes and Verse (2.2.0). I configured everything as usual, but I still couldn’t get Sametime up and running with iNotes and Verse.

Although this has been described in the documentation, discussion forums or on various blogs, I would like to remind you once again that certain parameters need to be used.

Edit in the web.xml file in the Sametime Proxy server (sametimeproxy/conf):

antiClickJackingOption SAMEORIGIN

antiClickJackingOption ALLOW-FROM
antiClickJackingUri https://*
( = your domain)

Add the following parameters in notes.ini:

INOTES_WA_SAMETIMEPROXYSERVERSSL= (adding the port 8443 or without a port if the Sametime proxy is running on the port 443)

For Verse:
VOP_GK_SAMETIME_RICH_CLIENT=1 (optionally, if you enter 0, the Sametime web client will be used)

I added these parameters into notes.ini using a configuration document on the Domino server (Configuration / Servers / Configuration), but unfortunately still Sametime didn’t work. It was only with the help of HCL Support (Kaustubh Khismatrao) that we found out that for some reason the parameters from the configuration document were not written to notes.ini.
Yes, it’s my fault I didn’t check it out. I added the parameters directly to notes.ini and lo and behold, Sametime immediately started working.

Then an “HTTP Status 400 – Bad Request” error occurred while trying to chat in iNotes. Thanks to an article by collegue HCL Ambassador Roberto Boccadoro LINK, I solved the problem by adding two lines to the file in the sametimeproxy / conf directory:


After restarting the Proxy server, everything worked.

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