HCL Notes, Domino, Traveler V12 Beta1 is here!

Based on previous announcements, HCL has released the first beta version of Domino, Notes, Traveler version 12 for its customers. This way, everyone can find the installation files in their Flexnet accounts and start testing.

You can share your knowledge or the knowledge of others in the Domino 12 Beta forum

What you can test:

• Domino on Docker
• Domino for Windows, Linux, AIX
• Traveler for Windows, Linux, AIX (Multilingual)
• Notes Standard for Windows
• Notes Standard for Mac
• Notes, Designer, and Admin Client

16 Language versions of Notes and Domino are expected to be made available over the course of the beta.

And what’s new in this first beta:

In addition to the new icons, check out what you’ll find in beta 1:

• What’s new in Domino 12? LINK
• What’s new in Notes 12? LINK
• What’s new in Domino Designer 12? LINK
• What’s new in Traveler 12? LINK

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