HCL Nomad for web browsers 1.0.9

HCL Nomad for web browsers 1.0.9 brings several fixes as well as new features and improvements. All new features can be found in the documentation LINK.
HCL Nomad for web browsers 1.0.x Release Notes – LINK

Fix List

Issue IdentifiersDefect ArticleDetails
NWASM-5045KB0107486Attachments are not being searched when including attachments for Full Text Indexing when creating a local replica
NWASM-5273KB0107475Text alignment issues for pre-formatted text in drop-down menus and list boxes
NWASM-5274KB0107472Drop-down menu positioning in dialogs is incorrect
NWASM-5275KB0107492Field with “Native OS Style” with “allow multiple lines” disabled allows newlines
NWASM-5292KB0105359Combo box on a layer steals clicks intended for other components
NWASM-5339KB0107490The scroll bar for a tabbed table with embedded views on a dialog is shown below the table
NWASM-5364KB0107504Change password menu option should only be available if Nomad Shared Login is disabled
NWASM-5390KB0107485Quick Find and then change category chops search text to one character
NWASM-5440KB0107487File name containing & cannot be opened
NWASM-5456KB0106509Date fields not displayed the same way in Notes and Nomad for web browsers
NWASM-5511KB0106416Password field with Native OS style doesn’t mask the characters
NWASM-5512KB0107471Behavior of “Dialog List” Field on Nomad for web browsers is not similar to that of Notes Client
NWASM-5604KB0106415IME does not work in native input controls if the controls are on dialogs
NWASM-5605KB0106594File truncated error attaching multiple files with the same name
NWASM-5614KB0106403Firefox “View Saved Logins” pop up seen for all text fields if a password field is rendered anywhere on the page
NWASM-5615KB0106411When in a password field, tab is added to the input string rather than navigating between fields
NWASM-5631KB0106407NotesUIWorkspace.SaveFileDialog filter string may appear corrupted for non-ASCII characters
NWASM-5654KB0106410NotesUIWorkspace.SaveFileDialog does not appear if no filter is provided
NWASM-5659KB0106408Crash when reopening a document with a bitmap as the background of the form
NWASM-5694N/ADocumentation incorrectly stated that LotusScript Lock and Unlock were unsupported when they are supported.
NWASM-5710KB0107011IME in dialogs does not work for the first character
NWASM-5725KB0106762Cannot save a file with non-ASCII characters using LotusScript
NWASM-5727KB0106760Unable to attach a file with a comma in the file name
NWASM-5732KB0106936Diagonal line is drawn across a button when highlighted
NWASM-5756KB0107422Nomad client setups through Nomad server on Domino fail when the mail server name includes non-ASCII characters

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