HCL Nomad for web browsers 1.0.7 released

A new version of HCL Nomad 1.0.7 for Domino with a number of fixes and new features is available for download today. The list of fixes and new features is in this article.


Capture signature:

Capture a hand written or typed signature image using a Rich Text Lite field enabled for signature. For more information, see the following topics in the Domino Designer documentation:

Domino Restyle updates:

  • Create an application icon.To create an icon, select File > Application > Restyle. In the dialog, you can customize the illustration, shape, and color of the icon.
  • Choose a custom color (previously, app authors could pick from a fixed color list).
  • Convert an existing database to use the standardized layout.

Starting with version 1.0.7, if the optional Content-Security-Policy header is in use, the font-src directive must be added and the script-src directive should be updated. For more information, see Hosting the Nomad for web browsers static web files in the Nomad Administrator documentation.

Fix List 1.0.7

Issue IdentifiersDefect ArticleDetails
NWASM-3212N/AClicking scrollbar should act like page up/page down for views
NWASM-4391KB0103159When clicking on a button in a Navigator, actions keep appearing in the menu, ‘quick actions’ bar flashes, and some button actions do not work
NWASM-4472N/ADutch translations for “focus” messages are wrong
NWASM-4558KB0102427HTML EMail crashes HCL Nomad Web in Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge
NWASM-4563KB0102426Open Application – Look in – Other periodically results in “Remote system no longer responding” errors even when the remote system is available
NWASM-4572N/AScrolling through the navigator results in a broken display
NWASM-4600N/AGerman Date popup is incorrect
NWASM-4690KB0102853Paste of long (>256KB) non-ASCII text is corrupted
NWASM-4717KB0103258Multi-line values in text fields are not always rendered properly
NWASM-4793KB0103162Rounded Rectangles are not rendered properly
NWASM-4796KB0103160Rounded Rectangles are not rendered properly when changing state
NWASM-4808KB0103398Print adding thin border lines that should not be present
NWASM-4817KB0103533Print including field delimiters that should not be present even in edit mode
NWASM-4828N/AReset Nomad data if certain local information is missing
NWASM-4845KB0103312Nomad for web browsers does not show the second line characters in a button
NWASM-4872KB0103496Documents longer than 32K scroll positions do not scroll properly via the scrollbar

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