HCL Nomad 1.0.11 for Android released

HCL has released another release of HCL Nomad for Android with version number 1.0.11 What can you find in the new release?

Release 1.0.11

  • Improved spell checking performance allows large documents to open more quickly.
  • Improved Android lifecycle support improves experience when working with a resizeable window (split screen on tablets, windowed mode on ChromeBooks, DEX).
  • Improved OpenGL rendering accuracy.
  • Fixed the issue where having multiple dialogs open simultaneously could soft-lock the app.
  • Fixed the issue where keyboard autocomplete resulted in extra letters being inserted.

Previous release:

Release 1.0.10

  • Improved OpenGL rendering – this allows Nomad to work on more devices.
  • Improved extended character support in attachment filenames.
  • Shows warning message if there is an attempt to open non-replicated DB while offline or in airplane mode.
  • More consistent scrolling behavior.
  • Optimized context menu options throughout the app.

And just to summarize what the previous releases contained: LINK

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