HCL Domino Volt 1.0.5 is out

Next version of the Domino Volt was released today. What’s new?

Source: HCL Domino Volt 1.0.5 Documentation LINK

What’s new for app authors:

  • New workflow design. Forms have two workflow stages: Start and Submitted.
  • Improved user experience for Action Properties and Activity. Clicking on an Action reveals its properties in the panel on the side of the screen. Activities can be added by clicking Add Activity in the Activity side panel or in the Action box.
  • Improved user experience for Workflow Stage Visibility. By clicking Visibility on the top banner, the user is switched from the Workflow visual design view to the new workflow stage Visibility view. This view allows you to set what is visible and editable in the form for the stage using the eye and lock icons.
  • Improved user experience for Stage Properties and Roles/Permissions. Role and Permission settings can now be defined and managed in the Workflow section.
  • New options for redirecting: redirect to another Volt application, form, or app page.
  • Improved Rich Text Entry field. You can now upload an image to the Rich Text Entry field by clicking Insert Image.
  • Added ability to customize dynamic DataGrid filters to filter from another field in the form.
  • Added ability to create a Stage Based Rule.
  • New form property Show print and delete buttons.

What’s new for administrators?

  • Docker image is based on HCL Domino 12

Fix List

Problem #Abstract
2224Unable to set back to the default height upon changing the default height of the rich text editor in the application edit mode.
823onLiveItemChange event does not trigger if when typed value matches field’s current value.
923NullPointerException when request made with “bad” app uuid.
1020Order of tab folders in print view can be incorrect.
1932Each time edit and save the value to a Text field, <div class=”rich-text-body”> is added to the source html.
2206Form’s Label alignment property reverts to “Top”.
2239Data Grid footer does not render properly in RTL locales (Arabic/Hebrew).
2257Error when changing field title in a Table.
2258Error when opening Data Grid column properties.
2259Returning multiple values from Domino Services does not function properly.
2261Adding individual user to initiator role, Submit button does not show.
2271Section header has gap on left and right.
2302Launching a form fails with Data Grid on page that is hidden (in Stages view).
2303NullPointerException during dynamic role assignment.
2334Items in Section made ‘not visible” (in Stages view) are not editable in Design View.
2395Using Data Grid setFilters API to set an ‘OR’ filter returns zero results.
2402Error filtering Data Grid on a date field.
2478Japanese text not displaying correctly in email clients.
2489Last remaining form in app can be deleted (if app has an app page).
2530Dynamic role assignments of groups are exported (and imported) as users.
2531Rule condition fixed value retained when condition item changed.
2581Error if updating Name picker to empty using service and allow empty flag.
2595NullPointerException in “Assign Users” when passed an empty value.
2665Incorrect Hebrew translation for Data Grid row counter string.
2675Some text becomes bold when in a Section in the authoring environment.
2677Error when editing form’s “On display of new form” pre-population property.
2695“JavaScript is valid” translation is incorrect in Danish.
2700The Text widget’s Insert menu does not show newly added items on app pages.
2763Exception in log does not have stack trace, for diagnosis.
2230“View Data” translation is incorrect in Czech.

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