HCL Domino Volt 1.0.3 News and Fix List

New release Domino Volt 1.0.3 (Build level: is out.
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What’s new for app authors?

* Text used from official documentation

  • Users can add a button or link that navigates to different forms, app pages, Volt applications, or web URLs. For more information, see Adding a navigation property to a button or link.
  • App pages are added to the Volt application author’s toolset. App Pages provide a free-form app building canvas, and allow authors to build anything from simple welcome pages to complex dashboards. App pages differ from Forms, which provide a canvas that specifically defines an interface to collect and store data with a built-in function to submit a record and move it through workflow stages.For more information, see Creating an application and navigate to Step 4.
  • Users can now determine where to save a filled PDF. For more information, see Saving a PDF to a file location.
  • Support for Role Based rules allows authors to define a rule with the condition that a user is or is not in a particular role. For more information, see Creating rules in your application.
  • New javascript functions are supported. For more information, see Interface objects.
  • New data service operations are available. The following operations are now supported:

Fix list

1303The popup shown when attempting to upload an unsupported volt file type for application upgrade lingers
1326More informative message is now displayed in the server log when invalid config properties are processed
1345The “notequals” operator does not work in a Search service call
1276getDocumentByUNID does not return error for an invalid UNID
1365Passing an empty value for a mapped parameter should update the field value in the domino document to empty.
1190When user clicks “Close” to close an application, there is no indication that something is happening.
1364The Line widget properties are not displayed properly.
1381The snippet dialog gets stuck after clicking on the title.
391ZERO WIDTH SPACE character (\u200B) breaks the resolution of role membership in emails
1415Cannot submit with attachment when the user has no read access in next stage (“Invalid Hash Flow Item String”)
1411Permission for Anonymous user is not removed from database when appropriate
1436Categories are missing when a Notes database contains more than 50 documents
1449Javascript variable names that end with certain function names throw an Illegal reference error
1412Clicking an empty cell in Section (or Tab) should display its properties
683Cannot delete an application when the deployed app is open in Notes
1542Readers and authors fields don’t function properly on table records.
1446Domino Data Service: The UNID for the first item in the autogenerated first entry for the FindViewEntries service is not being returned.
1058Domino Data service: In the service configuration dialog, if users select a Domino database from list of Select a Database, then type on the drop down, they are still able to select a service operation.
1451Launching the Service Configuration dialog should not try to retrieve any services. 
1585Update check for new volt parameters is case sensitive
1099Domino Data service: string concatenation leads to mismatched parentheses in Hebrew
1545The Summary charts page does not render by URL (…/results/…)
1442Domino data service: Inefficient navigation of nested categories
1627Call Service Activity on Submit does not update table in Non-start stage
1617Avert need to update java.policy for Volt installations.
1656Design UI has BiDi styling issues in RTL locales (Hebrew and Arabic)
1549Validation of Name Picker value fails for non-authors
1525Exporting an app that hasn’t been edited (and source upgraded) in the newer version fails
1337Some properties in side panel are not properly updated in all situations (ex. formula)
1334Some 1.0.2 translations have not been updated, creating property panel wrapping issues

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  1. Overall its was very impressive. Disapointed that when added a text object to an app page that there is no input option for fields in the page


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