HCL Domino Volt 1.0.3 FP1 Fix List

New release Domino Volt 1.0.3 FP1 (Build level: is out.
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Problem# Abstract
1529Creating a record via API with invalid/garbage characters in the UID created a document that could not be retrieved.  The fix generates a good UID for the new document and creates the document.
 1707The Android Number widget does not accept comma as decimal separator.  The fix removes mobile specific behavior from the Number widget.
 1722The Domino Data as a Service Get Categories function does not work when a formula is used in the category
 1775The JavaScript function app.getCurrentUserEmail doesn’t return the user email
 1776Filtering by author id and updater id in apps as a service does not work
 1783Services on an anonymous app page prompt for log in when not needed
 1841Error editing a Link integration service if the token has expired.
 1732An application with more than 255 fields on the form cannot be redeployed
 1740Domino Data As A Service Create, Update, and Delete operations require Designer access for end users
 1741An application using a Domino Data As A Service breaks when the application is moved between Windows and Linux
 1745When editing a Domino Data As A Service, a new service description was erroneously added to app.xml
 1858 Dynamic layout mode isn’t persisting properly
 1852No longer update java.policy unnecessarily in the docker image script

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