HCL Domino Volt 1.0.2 News and Fix List

New release Domino Volt 1.0.2 (Build level: is out. Official Documentation LINK

What’s new for app authors?

  • Name Picker field.
  • Improved app design experience. For example, most item properties are now in a side-panel instead of a modal dialog.
  • Ability to choose which columns on the View Data page are sortable.
  • Added a new “contains” search operator option.
  • Ability to choose whether to enable a full-text index (required for the “contains” operator in the Search dialog).
  • Ability to include attachments in an email message generated by a stage change.
  • Application history.

What’s new for administrators?

  • Ability to add a custom theme to be shared by multiple applications.
  • Control which email address format to use with new configuration settings (Internet vs. HCL Notes native format).
  • Volt NSF files created in Volt 1.0.2 set the database property Don’t Maintain Unread Marks to not maintain unread marks, which should improve performance.

Fix List

Problem  Abstract
 480Widgets in palette are not correctly aligned (Mac Safari only problem)
 802Copy to clipboard buttons are shown when they should be hidden (e.g. protocol is http instead of https)
 828Search dialog (a.k.a. Create Filters) should not show Password fields
 862File upload error message is not always accurate
 957URL service: Default HTTP method should be GET
 1059Domino data service: Sort direction options don’t always match the underlying view column
 1060Domino data service: Runtime issues when user does not have access to the target database
 1066Domino data service: Default data type may be incorrect for some view columns
 1073The hasValue and hasNoValue rules do not work as expected
 1077Domino data service: NullPointerException caused by selecting certain databases in the Service Configuration dialog
 1080Domino data service: Some strings in the Service Configuration dialog are not translated
 1095Currency and Number formatting is not correct for Mexico locale
 1096Linux install script chooses the wrong default values for user and group
 1103Launching a certain form causes NullPointerException in the logs (excessive logging)
 1104When deployment fails, Volt doesn’t always remove generated NTF file
 1108Print view does not render when form contains an Integer field
 1132Submitting a record loses data when a Multi Line Entry value is too large
 1165Redeploying an application with more than 500K docs fails (“maxScanDocs exceeded”) 
 1167Send an Email step doesn’t work when an anonymous user clicks Submit
 1183Volt app as a service: Table retrieve operation does not always work as expected
 1188Text object sometimes truncates links
 1194REST API: Export to Excel fails if useFieldIDs parameter is missing
 1197Service configuration dialog does not remember the last selected catalog
 1199Error displayed when saving an application after removing a user from the Administrators role
 1204Volt app as a service: Search operation throws ParseException for some date / time formats
 1213Secure pages incorrectly request content with anon in the path
 1229Volt generated databases should not track unread marks. (To improve server performance, databases generated for new applications no longer track unread marks.  To disable unread marks for old applications see this page.)
 1231Domino directory service returns the canonical name for User Name (it should return the abbreviated name)
 1232Volt app as a service: Search operation does not return correct result in 1 item in result set
 1234Domino data service: Adding a new column to underlying view does not update the service outputs
 1235Domino data service: Service configuration ignores changes to column sorting in the underlying view
 1243Service configuration dialog doesn’t always show advanced parameters 
 1246Application deployment fails if the compile template cannot be deleted
 1249File upload error message is displayed behind the upload window
 1250Domino data service: Operation fails for anonymous user even though the database allows Anonymous access
 1283Application redeployment can sometimes fail when transaction logging is enabled

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