HCL Domino and Notes v9.0.x and v10.0.x: End of Support Effective June 1, 2024

Now: HCL Announces Domino and Notes v9.0.x and v10.0.x: End of Marketing Effective December 1, 2022, End of Support Effective June 1, 2024, please see this link for full details

Here are the specific Domino and Notes versions 9.0.x and 10.0.x that are affected: 

EOM/EOS Product Version(s)  EOM Effective Date  EOS Effective Date  Current Product Version(s)  
IBM Notes v9.0.x, v10.0.x   12/01/2022  06/01/2024  HCL Notes v11.0.1, v12.0.1  
IBM Domino v9.0.x, v10.0.x   12/01/2022  06/01/2024  HCL Domino v11.0.1, v12.0.1  
IBM Domino Designer v9.0.x, v10.0.x    12/01/2022  06/01/2024  HCL Domino Designer v11.0.1, v12.0.1  
IBM Traveler v9.0.1, v10.0.1  12/01/2022  06/01/2024  HCL Traveler V11.0.1, v12.0.1  
IBM XWork Server v9.0.x, v10.0.  12/01/2022  06/01/2024  *None  
IBM Client Application Access v1.0.x, v2.0.x   12/01/2022  06/01/2024  HCL Client Application Access v3.0.3  
IBM Domino Connector for SAP Solutions v2.0.1   12/01/2022  06/01/2024  HCL Domino Connector for SAP Solutions v2.0.2  
IBM Enterprise Integrator for Domino v9.0.x, v10.0.x*   12/01/2022  06/01/2024  HCL Enterprise Integrator for Domino v11.0.1, v12.0.1  
IBM Connections Content Manager Plugin for Notes v9.0.x, v10.0.x   12/01/2022  06/01/2024  HCL Connections Content Manager Plugin for Notes v11.0.1, v12.0.1  
IBM Connections Files Plug-In v9.0.x, v10.0x (part of Connections packages)   12/01/2022  06/01/2024  HCL Connections Plug-ins for HCL Notes June 2022 release 
IBM Mail Add-in (IMSMO Client) v2.0.x IBM Mail Add-on (Server) v2.0.x   12/01/2022  06/01/2024  HCL Traveler for Microsoft Outlook v3.0.x  
IBM Verse On-Premises v1.0.x    12/01/2022  06/01/2024  HCL Verse 2.0.x  
IBM Sametime Community Server v9.0.x (9.0.1 FP1)   12/01/2022  06/01/2024  HCL Sametime Limited Chat v11.x and v12.x Community Server  
IBM C-API ToolKit v9.0.x  12/01/2022  06/01/2024   HCL C-API Toolkit, v11.0.1 and v12.0 
IBM HCL ODBC Driver for Notes/Domino 9.0   12/01/2022  06/01/2024  **ODBC Driver Knowledge Article Links below 

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