IBM Traveler

IBM Traveler includes all fixes delivered in all previous releases up to and including IBM Traveler in addition to the fixes listed here.

  • Set alternate out of office message for IBM Traveler on premises versions (already available in the IBM Connections Cloud)
  • Remove warning message for client certificate authentication setting
  • Emails with body data type TEXT get converted to error message
  • Invalid Copyright in database DDL
  • MIME message processing reads attachments multiple times
  • Console messages: WARNING *system Thread could not be found for session
IBM Traveler


IBM Domino/Notes 10.0.1 is available

On December 18 – Domino / Notes 10.0.1 is available. Here are part numbers for downloads:

  • IBM Domino Server v10.0.1 64 bit for Windows English(CNXL7EN)
  • IBM Domino Server v10.0.1 64 bit for Linux English(CNXL9EN)
  • IBM Notes, Domino Designer and Admin V10.0.1 for Windows English(CNXL1EN)
  • IBM Notes v10.0.1 Basic Configuration for Windows English(CNXK5EN)
  • IBM Notes v10.0.1 for Windows English(CNXK6EN)
  • IBM Notes v10.0.1 Mac 64 bit English(CNXK7EN)
  • IBM Domino AppDev Pack 1.0 Linux English(CNXJ9EN)
  • IBM Client Application Access v2.0.1 Release Notes Multiplatform English(CNXK9EN)
  • IBM Client Application Access v2.0.1 Windows English(CNXL0EN)
  • IBM Traveler v10.0.1 for Windows Multilngual(CNY0QML)
  • IBM Traveler v10.0.1 for Linux Multilngual(CNY0RML)


IBM Traveler 10.0.0

  • IBM Notes Traveler 10.0 supported Domino server 10.0 and 9.0.1.
  • IBM Traveler 10 installer is now 64 bit. Therefore, it is no longer required to install 32 bit runtime libraries when installing Traveler on a 64 bit OS
  • Verse on iOS device users can now add attachments from other apps on the device that register as providers, for example, apps such as iCloud, Box, Connections,Dropbox
  • A new search view in your calendar provides a continuous view of your agenda that spans multiple days. As you type in the search field, the agenda view changes to show just events by search
  • Verse on iOS client users is the ability to set and edit alarms. This feature was provided on Android only
  • Select all documents in a folder. Open the inbox (or any other folder) and tap the Edit button on the title bar