What’s new in HCL Verse 2.0 (On-Premises)

What can you look forward to in this new release?
HCL documentation: LINK

New Features for Administrators:

  • Enable three clicks for accessing attachments and web links
    Administrators can enable a notes.ini setting that enhances security by requiring three clicks to download attachments or access web links. For more information, see Enabling the three-click requirement for attachments and links in the administrator documentation.
  • Display users’ Notes names
    Administrators can use a server notes.ini setting to display user names in their HCL Notes® format. For more information, see Enabling user names to display in Notes format in the administrator documentation.
  • iwaredir.ntf support for SAML
    The iwaredir.ntf design provides support for using SAML authentication. For more information, see Step 16 in the topic Installing and configuring.
  • Disable the new event design
    The new calendar event design is on automatically starting in Verse 2.0. However, administrators can use the notes.ini setting VOP_GK_FEATURE_168=0 on the Domino server to disable it and revert to the earlier event design.


  Issue Number  Description
VERSE-56610, VERSE-58226   Using the new event form, if an attendee opens a Confirmation or Update to a meeting that was not yet processed, the user is not presented with a dialog to open the original invitation.
VERSE-58059When an admin is using the ‘httpDataProvider’ for Verse extensions, the extensions are not loading in the client.
VERSE-58136When logging out of Verse on a mobile device, the user is being redirected to the iNotes UltraLight login page.
VERSE-58208Using the new event form, when entering or editing a name, the cursor will always jump to the end of the name with every key stroke.
VERSE-58727, VERSE 58503    Using the new event form, when rescheduling a meeting and editing the location or room, the location or room change may not be sent to the invitees.
VERSE-58892Using the new event form, when editing an existing event that has the ‘Remind me’ option disabled, the ‘Remind me’ option will display as enabled.
VERSE-58931Translation adjustments for the About Verse dialog.
VERSE-58933If the server is restarted during a Verse login session, the user may see the error message ‘Your Notes ID is not in the ID vault’ when sending or viewing a signed or encrypted message.
VERSE-58962    Using the new event form, when adding an attachment that is too large, the user is presented with an error message but the message cannot be dismissed.
VERSE-59185When sending a message to an external user, the user may see the ‘Fix name’ error message.
VERSE-59228Translation adjustments for the new event form.
VERSE-59230Using the new event form and the Japanese language, the location field displays on two rows.
VERSE-59233    Using the new event form, when using the ‘Schedule a meeting’ action from an email, the formatting of the message is lost.

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