HCL Verse 2.1.0 is available

In addition to fixes, HCL Verse 2.1.0 also brings several new features. Look at them.
Documentation LINK
Fix List LINK

What’s new in Verse 2.1.0

Fix List

Issue NumberDescription
VERSE-60518In a proxied/HA environment, serverslookup call to SP/Hub servers hangs when catalog.nsf is large
VERSE-60172User names in the To field are cut off when opening message in a tear off window
VERSE-60169Cannot open delegate mail if delegatee is not in the Domino Domain
VERSE-60144Pictures and file preview of Connections not available in multi-tenant environment
VERSE-59999Notes document link doesn’t open from Verse
VERSE-59973Email cannot be sent after minimizing the compose window
VERSE-59843Verse client fails to load when a user has a folder type of “Shared, private on first use  
VERSE-59475Switching to mail or calendar app always creates a new browser tab in firefox browser
VERSE-59468Unable to import Gotomeeting Webinar ICS file
VERSE-59438Room drop down menu goes off screen in Find Room dialog
VERSE-58460When opening an archive mail file in Verse, the important to me bar does not render correctly

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