HCL Verse 2.0.1 -New Features and Fix List

A new release of HCL Verse 2.0.1 (On-Premises) is available on Flexnet. What does it bring new and what repairs does it contain?

New Features

  • HEAD Requests
    Verse now supports HEAD requests for the endpoints /verse and /verse/checksession. This support may be needed by third party authentication providers that send HEAD requests to determine if a user is authenticated.
    Note: Support for HEAD requests is required and must not be disabled on your server.
  • Configuring a Proxy for HCL Verse High Availability
    Users and administrators expect Verse to be available 24×7. To achieve 24×7 availability, a high availability (HA) deployment is critical. In a HA deployment, Verse can be deployed across multiple mirrored Domino servers so that if one server is unavailable, users can be routed to another. We have created a Knowledge article on the HCL Customer Support site that describes a HA Verse deployment that leverages an F5 BIG-IP LTM virtual appliance to distribute requests across the Domino servers. The goal of this article is to provide enough detail to a Domino administrator and network administrator familiar with HA systems that leverage proxies to design a Verse HA deployment within their own enterprise. For information, see Knowledge article: KB0084455

Fix List

  • User is prompted that an event is being created in the past when creating event in different timezones: VERSE-59906
  • Cannot download an attachment from the message list in an Archive mail file: VERSE-59653
  • Business card details are all in lowercase: VERSE-59562
  • Opening the Help documentation is not opening the documentation that matches my language: VERSE-59520
  • Incorrect German translation in Mail Rules: VERSE-59887
  • Incorrect Japanese translations in email and event forms: VERSE-59258
  • Re-login Screen is not translated properly in Japanese: VERSE-59506
  • Sametime awareness fails if user doesn’t have an Internet Address in NAB: VERSE-59918

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