HCL Sametime 12.0.1 Early Release just now

HCL today availabled the first version of Sametime 12.0.1 Early Access available. As written in this article: Non-production versions of HCL Sametime and HCL Sametime Premium version 12.0.1 are available. Keep in mind that the development is still in progress and there might be issues that haven’t been addressed. 
The installation files are on Flexnet

HCL Sametime Premium and HCL Sametime 12.0.1 Early Access System Requirements

New Features

System requirement updates

  • A chat only HCL Sametime deployment can now be installed in a Kubernetes environment. This expands HCL Sametime clustering capabilities.
  • MongoDB is now supported through version 6.
  • Added Safari browser support for Meetings web client.

Meeting improvements

  • Improvements to the user interface and tool tips for rejoining a meeting when using the Firefox browser.
  • During a meeting the meeting time is displayed as part of the meeting window.
  • Network indicator added to meetings. Providing a way to keep track of network issues and make adjustments.

Chat enhancements
Support for use of a push proxy added for mobile clients notifications.

New menu bar for Web Chat and Mobile clients allow for viewing chat messages in the following categories. Each categories is identified by a graphic and includes the number of messages associated with the category.

  • The message icon lists all messages.
  • The person icon to view messages from individuals. The person’s settings for business card ID is shown, either their photo or initials.
  • The people icon displays group chat messages.
  • The message icon displays messages that are within a meeting.

API tech preview
HCL Sametime Chat APIs (tech preview) available. For more information, see the Sametime APIs knowledge article.

Monitoring statistics

Integration with Grafana dashboard is available. A Sametime dashboard is available to import into a Grafana installation. The dashboard provides Sametime metrics and can be edited or used as a model to create a Sametime dashboard based on your needs.

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