Compact system databases with minimal Domino server downtime

Each of us has to deal with maintenance, especially “compact” system databases such as log.nsf, admin4.nsf, events4.nsf, ddm.nsf and so on. Yes, just turn off the Domino server and take the compact offline. Depending on the size of the databases, server downtime increases.

However, there is an option to minimize server downtime. Since of Domino 9.0.x, there is a compact with these parameters (for example):

load compact -c log.nsf -REPLICA -RESTART

Using these parameters, a DB replica is executed, on which a compact is performed, and when completed, the Domino server is restarted and this replica is replaced.

This can minimize Domino downtime due to maintenance. I would not use this solution for common applications, but only for system applications.

5 thoughts on “Compact system databases with minimal Domino server downtime”

  1. Does this work reliably with 11.0.1FP3 or 12.0.1?
    How would be the command for multiple system databases?

  2. Hello Ales / Jesper, is there a reference for this problem ?
    Did the SWASAEXPSC fix in V10 FP2 have an issue ?

  3. Unless the fatal bug has been fixed since V10 Fp3, I recommend NOT using -replica.
    I have killed two servers this way. (John Curtis confirmed the bug back then to me)


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