How to install HCL Verse 2.0 as a standalone app

One of the main innovation in HCL Verse 2.0 is the ability to install and run Verse as a standalone browser application based on Progressive Web Application (PWA) technology.

So it’s not just a tab stored in your browser, but it works as a standalone application. To install it, you must use one of the currently supported browsers:

  • Chrome on Windows, Mac OS, and Android
  • Microsoft Edge (80+) on Windows
  • Apple Safari on iOS

So how to install HCL Verse 2.0 on Windows OS?

It’s very simple. I have tested and validated in Chrome and Microsoft Edge on Windows 10.

  • Log in to Verse through the server browser URL
  • The browser may indicate that there is an app to be installed. A “+” icon is shown in the browser bar, which you can click to install the Verse app.
  • Click install. Everything will happen very quickly
  • An icon with a shortcut or Verse can be found (for example) in applications or on the Windows desktop
  • And now you can use HCL Verse without having to launch a web browser

How to install HCL Verse 2.0. in Safari on iOS

  • Use Safari on your iPad and to navigate to HCL Verse by URL
  • Tap the Share button at the top of the screen.
  • Tap Add to “Home Screen”
  • You can now edit the name of the page.
  • You can tap Cancel to leave this interface without sending the bookmark to the Home screen.
  • Tap Add to complete adding the icon to the Home screen

How to install HCL Verse 2.0. in Chrome on Android

  • Launch the Chrome for Android App
  • Open HCL Verse by URL
  • Tap onvertical 3dots icon for menu options
  • Select Add to Home Screen option from the list
  • Tap on the Add command.
  • The Shortcut link will be created on the Home screen of your Android phone

4 thoughts on “How to install HCL Verse 2.0 as a standalone app”

  1. Nice information, but I put the HCL Verse App in front, with contacts too. Clear and simple. Using browserbased, I am connected to Sametime too.
    I am looking forward to see an APP, where mail, calendar, contacts, to/do, connections, ST with meeting as a #homesite#. With #Open Domino database# in addition, would be extra great.


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