HCL Verse 2.2.0a Release Notice and Fix List

A few fixes for Verse 2.2.0 in today’s fix release:

Fix List

  • VERSE-61943: Trouble opening mail-in database or delegated mail file. Clicking open mail action does nothing
  • VERSE-61907: Wrong file type shown in FireFox when downloading an attachment
  • VERSE-61838: Provide better Japanese translation for Discard button when a Draft is opened
  • VERSE-61769: Web link in the body of an email is broken when replying to the email on mobile:
  • VERSE-61760: Add option to disable link urls when updating your Domino user photo. Use notes.ini setting: VOP_PhotoServiceOptions=disablelinkurls=1
  • VERSE-61758: Wrong German translation for action to connect to other’s mailfile
  • VERSE-61751: Some Domino user photos are not rendering in Verse
  • VERSE-61740: Verse does not honor the policy archive criteria setting “Number of Characters from original filename”
  • VERSE-61698: Verse cannot load archive if the archive policy does not list ‘nsf’ in the Suffix field
  • VERSE-61672: Cannot send encrypted email – no error seen
  • VERSE-61508: Export Notes ID doesn’t work when TOTP is enabled
  • VERSE-61317: Directories named “Top” are being created on the Domino server

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