HCL Sametime 12.0.1 is out

HCl Sametime and Sametime Premium 12.0.1 are available.

New featuresLINK

  • HCL Sametime chat only support on Kubernetes
    A chat only HCL Sametime deployment can now be installed in a Kubernetes environment, expanding HCL Sametime clustering capabilities.
  • MongoDB v6 support
    Added MongoDB support through version 6.
  • Podman support
    Sametime server can be installed on Podman.
  • Safari browser support
    Safari browser support for Meetings web client allowing Sametime Meetings and Sametime Chat to be used on Safari.
  • Meeting duration timer
    Added a meeting time display as part of the title bar.
  • Network indicator added to meetings
    Icon added to meeting profiles, providing a way to keep track of network issues and make adjustments. Basic connection details for each user will show, including a connection quality (Good, Lost, etc), bit rate, resolution (if screenshare is started) and more.
  • Improved Firefox browser experience
    Improvements to the pre-join Audio and Video user interface, with tooltips for a meeting when using the Firefox browser.
  • Keyboard shortcuts
    Added new keyboard capabilities listed in the dialog to do actions such as toggle chat, mute/unmute and more.​
  • Chat enhancements
    New menu bar for Web Chat and Mobile clients allow for viewing chat messages in the following categories. Each categories is identified by a graphic and includes the number of messages associated with the category.
    – The message icon lists all messages.
    – The person icon to view messages from individuals.
    – The person’s settings for business card ID is shown, either their photo or initials.
    – The people icon displays group chat messages. 
    – The message icon displays messages that are within a meeting.
  • Chat interface improvements
    The user interface has many design changes to improve usability. Included are new icons, color scheme, and more. The default color for chat avatars have changed to shades of gray based on the type of chat. For example, for 1-to-1 chats the color is light grey.
  • Web Chat contact list nickname support
    When a nickname is assigned to a contact, the nickname displays in all places that the contact name is displayed.
  • Sametime Client RTL (Bi-Di) language support
    Support for languages such as Hebrew and Arabic that use text that reads right-to-left.
  • Sametime server changes
    – No longer need to install Virtual Sound Drivers for Recorder pods for Kubernetes and Docker.
    – No longer need to have specific nodes for Recorders in Kubernetes, supporting a more dynamic environment.
    – Recorder pods no longer require a dedicated node pool and will be included as part of the main node pool.
  • Chat API (technical preview) updates
    HCL Sametime Chat APIs are available as a technical preview. For more information, see the Sametime APIs knowledge article.
  • Grafana dashboards for monitoring and statistics
    Integration with Grafana dashboard is available. A Sametime dashboard is available to import into a Grafana installation.  The dashboard provides Sametime metrics and can be edited or used as a model to create a Sametime dashboard based on your needs.
  • Push Proxy support
    Environments that do not have outgoing internet access to APNs or FCM services can now support a push proxy server. This allows the APNs or FCM messages to be sent to mobile devices.
  • Sametime Database Utility
    The Sametime Database Utility adds support for name changes, user and chat deletions and LDAP directory conversion.
  • Outlook Calendar HCL Meetings Add-on updates

Fix ListLINK

Web ChatClient

  • SAME-45563
    Fixed an issue causing Chinese file names to be incorrect when performing a file transfer
  • SAME-44789
    Fixed an issue in the Web Chat client when changing status, 3-dot menu would close
  • SAME-44790
    Fixed an issue with mute and pin not working in a click to call group chat
  • SAME-43966
    Fixed an issue where offline verse users were not seen in group participant list
  • SAME-43240
    Fixed an issue with unread counts when selecting click to call
  • SAME-42647
    Fixed an issue where the Web Chat client would not reflect “nicknames” set from Connect and Embedded clients
  • SAME-44531
    Fixed an issue in the Web Chat client unable to add a contact to a group with “;” in the name

Meeting Client

  • SAME-45582
    Fixed an issue with the Meetings Outlook Add-on preventing mail to send when the Meetings server was “unavailable”
  • SAME-44144
    Fixed an issue where moderators could not be added to meetings created before version 12.0
  • SAME-44022
    Fixed an issue when deleting a meeting would result in “white screen”
  • SAME-44489
    Fixed an issue with the Meeting client redirecting to “white screen” when starting a meeting
  • SAME-44638
    Fixed an issue displaying users multiple times in the meeting waiting room when client is refreshed
  • SAME-44664
    Fixed an issue with instant meeting displaying locked twice in an instant meeting
  • SAME-44662
    Fixed an issue with the video sharing fimstrip when user joins while the video is being shared
  • SAME-44683
    Fixed an issue with the chat window when changing meeting from collaborated to moderated and restricted
  • SAME-44781
    Fixed an issue with the keyboard shortcut “F” to show/hide everyone in a meeting not working as expected
  • SAME-44703
    Fixed an issue with the pre-join screen when Lecture Style meeting as started
  • SAME-44700
    Fixed an issue with the rename recording UI not functioning as expected
  • SAME-44699
    Fixed an issue with the meeting recording scroll not working as expected

Connect Client

  • SAME-46062
    Fixed an issue with TLS connections failing to login
  • SAME-45232
    Fixed an issue with the initial chat message not seen in the chat window
  • SAME-43377
    Fixed an issue with missing chat in chat window, but seen in preview chat

Sametime Server

  • SAME-45013
    Fixed an issue when UserIdAttribute (Internal Sametime ID) was set to mail, user authentications failed
  • SAME-44521
    Fixed an issue when encoding username/password in UserInfoConfig.xml
  • SAME-44441
    Fixed an issue with Group based policy assignments not working as expected
  • SAME-44218
    Fixed an issue with LDAP bind information not being set as expected
  • SAME-44217
    Fixed an issue with LDAP TLS configuration not being set correctly
  • SAME-45920
    Fixed an issue with the LDAP Port not set when TLS for LDAP was specified during install
  • SAME-44231
    Fixed an issue saving multiple values in sametime.ini helm chart causing parsing error on Kubernetes
  • SAME-44182
    Fixed an issue with LDAP_BIND_ENTRY_DN_EVN with a space or is quoted not saving to StCommunityConfig.xml 

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