HCL Sametime 11.0 FP2 Fix List

HCL Sametime FP2 will be available soon. So what do you find in FP2? Here is a detailed Fix List.

FP2 also brings:

  • Support for MongoDB 3.6 thru 4.2.
  • Support for handling cross-domain SAML login flows.
  • Update Tomcat to version 9.0.35 and support running it as a service.

Connect/Embedded Client 

  • SAME-31894 – The option to capture the screen is hidden or greyed out. 
  • SAME-29868 – Windows Sametime standalone client fails with an error that jvm folder cannot be found. 
  • SAME-29753 – Group chat names with a “\” icon results in creating nested folder groups in the chat transcripts location. 
  • SAME-32558 – Sametime standalone client on Mac machine fails to upgrade when previous version of the Sametime client is already running.
  • SAME-35029 – The URL does not display as a link in the nway chat when loaded from the chat history.
  • SAME-34158 – When the recipient user is in Do-not-disturb mode, and the sender sends a chat message, the chat window automatically minimizes itself. 
  • SAME-32681 – When the sender specifies a font color and type for the message, the recipient receives it correctly. However, the sender’s chat window does not display the font color and type. 
  • SAME-32244 – When an n-way chat participant logs in or out of the chat, the system tray icon flashes as if a new message is received, but none has been.
  • SAME-33523 – When the user clicks the print option in the chat window and cancels the action, the chat history becomes empty, and the client crashes.
  • SAME-32765 – When the sender and recipient are sharing images in the chat window for the standalone client, the image is getting across the bubble chat box.
  • SAME-31892 – When a chat window is left open for more than a day, the screen capture button is not visible.
  • SAME-30975 – Renaming n-way chats causes screen-capture images to break.
  • SAME-33887 – Unwanted invites sent for n-way chat recipients, while adding a new person to the chat.  

Web Chat Client 

Many improvements were made in the web chat client to enhance user experience, performance, chat handling, and contact management functionality.

  • SAME-34452 – Chat messages in a conversation are seen duplicated.
  • SAME-34816 – Turn off notifications indicating users joining or leaving the multi-way chat conversations.

Community Server

  • SAME-33348 – MongoDB user password cannot have special characters.
  • SAME-32994 – If the user configures MongoDB service with authorization enabled, the webchat client works incorrectly.
  • SAME-33031 – The policy im.3000.label = Allow all Sametime Connect features to be used with integrated clients (IC) is not enabled by default.

Proxy Server

  • SAME-31195 – Some passwords do not work when logging into the stproxy server.
  • SAME-34664 – If the MongoDB user password contains a special character (@,:, /, or %), the test connection fails.
  • SAME-34791 – When a user’s distinguished name contains an “&” symbol, the chat history or convomap may fail to load in the iOS client.
  • SAME-33351 – Added support for MongoDB 3.6 through 4.2 and password management.
  • SAME-33677 – Added support for JWT-based single sign-on.
  • SAME-33990 – Added support for handling cross-domain SAML login flows.
  • SAME-34164 – Support Tomcat as a service in the script name.
  • SAME-32243 – Improved performance through support for HTTP2 protocol.
  • SAME-33858 – Improved performance through support for GZIP compression.
  • SAME-34288 – The web chat has an improved participant, invitation and renaming model.
  • SAME-35042 – Improved support for pasting images into webchat client.

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