HCL Nomad 1.0.5 Beta for iPhone – start testing

Today was released the first version of HCL Nomad, which includes the possibility of testing Notes applications on the iPhone.

If your iPhone is configured with the same iTunes & App Store apple ID and your iPad, then you should see HCL Nomad available from your TestFlight application on your iPhone.

Please ensure your iPhone has network access to your Domino server. If your Domino server is not facing the Internet, then this means usually connecting through a VPN.

The configuration procedure is the same as on the iPad.

Whats new?

For iPhone, when you open a Domino application using HCL Nomad on the iPhone toolbar will have two new icons. A left chevron. These icons are used to navigate your Domino Application frameset in the direction of the arrow. Please use this feature when the application has a complex frameset.

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