What’s new in HCL Nomad 1.0.7 for Apple iOS?

HCL is continuing to update its mobile applications, and has released HCL Nomad 1.0.7 for iOS, which includes the following:

  • New Help sub-menu listing the following items:
    – Product Documentation – Launches the HCL Nomad product documentation in your default web browser. Previously this was the action of the Help menu item.

    – Generate Problem Report – Collects HCL Nomad diagnostic data and stores it in the Documents/HCL Nomad/HCLNomadPR.zip file.

    – Report Defect – Opens an email draft directed to the HCL Support email address. Users can add a problem description, attach screen shots, and/or attach an HCLNomadPR.zip file.

    – About HCL Nomad – Displays HCL Nomad information. Previously this action was on the main menu.
  • New Enable Verbose Logging setting under Settings > HCL Nomad. Enable this setting when reproducing a problem for HCL Support.
  • Bug Fixes:
    Fixed: Datepicker was sometimes off by one minute.
    Fixed: Make Available Offline setting, “Remove documents not modified in the last X days” would not be applied.
    Fixed: Some recent application icons would appear blank.
    Fixed: Some forms with Japanese text would be abnormally slow to open.
    Fixed: Denying the GPS permissions request did not result in expected behavior.
    Fixed: On iPhone, frame navigation behavior on unsequenced framesets has been improved.
    Fixed: On iPhone, frameset navigation toolbar actions were not always available when needed.

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