Notes 11.0.1 FP4 Interim Fix 1 for Mac released

Interfim Fix 1 for Notes 11.0.4 Mac is available.
List of fixes:

SPRDescriptionAdditional Information
RKRYC7QH9D[Mac] – Fixed an intermittent crash that could occur when displaying a dialog boxMAC Specific
GPFMC6THVD[Mac] – Fixed a crash in PostNewMailStatus that could occur after switching focus to Notes from another application via the macOS dock.  Workaround was to change Preferences / Mail / Sending and Receiving  – Turn off –  Display an icon in the menu bar MAC Specific
CSMHAX2PPS[Mac] – Fixed an issue where users were unable to edit (backspace or overwrite) the value in the Search toolbar MAC Specific
RKRYC99L4K[Mac] – Fixed an intermittent crash when trying to bring up the import dialog MAC Specific
PCHNC8RLE5[Mac] – Fixed a crash on Monterey that could occur when starting roaming user’s Notes client.  This regression was introduced in 11.0 MAC Specific

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