HCL Sametime 12.0.1 FP1 is available

FP1 for HCL Sametime 12.0.1 containing a lot of fixes as well as several new features can be downloaded and installed on your servers starting today.

Official HCL Article – LINK

Fix List – SERVER

  • SAME-44623
    Fixed an issue where a secondary “community.default.svc.cluster.local” community is added to the Connect and Embedded preferences.
  • SAME-45389
    Fixed an issue with chat history when there are reserved JSON characters in the sessionID.
  • SAME-45840
    Fixed an issue with chat history auto-recovery in a clustered environment when the MongoDB connection was interrupted.
  • SAME-46056
    Fixed an issue with the chat logging service when using TLS to connect to MongoDB.
  • SAME-46144
    Fixed an issue with the unread count not displaying after a file transfer using Connect and Embedded clients.
  • SAME-46213
    Fixed an issue causing the sametime-config directory to be reset on upgrade.
  • SAME-46230
    Fixed an issue upgrading on Kubernetes when a MongoDB connection failure is detected.
  • SAME-46327
    Update to meeting reports to support disabling the feature.
  • SAME-46369
    Update to support for Domino 12.0.2 LDAP ciphers.
  • SAME-46379
    Fixed an issue with meeting recordings using LetsEncrypt.
  • SAME-46398
    Update to allow LTPA and JWT cookies expirations to be set.
  • SAME-46428
    Fixed an issue with MongoURL when a cacerts parameter is set.
  • SAME-46461
    Fixed an issue with the recent meetings tab not displaying due to bad data.
  • SAME-46456
    Fixed an issue causing secure MongoDB connections to fail with SSLHandshakeException.
  • SAME-46466
    Update to support “docker compose” during install.
  • SAME-46471
    Update to support the Meetings Dashboard on Docker.
  • SAME-46613
    Fixed an issue detecting a meeting moderator using SameSite attribute.
  • SAME-46622
    Fixed an issue if orgID contains “-” in a multi tenancy environment.
  • SAME-46672
    Update to meeting reports to use the meeting name.
  • SAME-46788
    Update to allow the mobile notification limiter to be disabled.
  • SAME-46840
    Fixed an issue in the meeting lobby when MongoDB is not available.

Fix List – CLIENT

  • SAME-35628
    Update to the meetings client to support changing the audio and video devices in an active meeting using Firefox.
  • SAME-42241
    Fixed an issue with Connect and Embedded client’s auto-status change during Windows OS lock.
  • SAME-44056
    Fixed an issue detecting the main speaker in a meeting.
  • SAME-45894
    Fixed an issue when creating a meeting on non-English browsers resulting in a page wrap.
  • SAME-46124
    Fixed an issue with copying meeting links using Safari browser.
  • SAME-46131
    Fixed an issue in the web chat client causing copy/paste emoticons to fail using right click options.
  • SAME-46145
    Fixed an issue causing guest meeting participates from seeing the chat history.
  • SAME-46148
    Fixed an issue causing copy/paste images to fail in meeting chat for guest users.
  • SAME-46169
    Fixed an issue with web chat client translating the click to call name.
  • SAME-46225
    Fixed an issue in the meeting client to consistently load the set custom virtual background.
  • SAME-46246
    Fixed an issue with the meetings device settings drop down failing using Firefox.
  • SAME-46260
    Fixed an issue with web chat client pasting a copied emoticon to chat using Firefox.
  • SAME-46266
  • Fixed an issue in the web chat client setting “en” HTML headers when another language is selected.
  • SAME-46293
  • Fixed an issue causing meetings chat to fail after a network connection interruption.
  • SAME-46326
  • Fixed an issue with sending images in Connect and Embedded clients resulting in the file name displayed.
  • SAME-46331
    Fixed an issue with Connect and Embedded clients setting the font color from the client preferences.
  • SAME-46458
    Fixed an issue sending an image with an emoji keyboard shortcut using Firefox.
  • SAME-46780
    Fixed an issue with SAML authentication when switching from guest to authenticated user.

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