HCL Domino 14.0 Early Access is availabled

During the engage conference in Amsterdam, the Early Access HCL Notes/Domino 14.0 was announced and today released. You can find it in your Flexnet.

HCL Domino 14.0 Early Access Program Release Notes LINK
HCL Domino 14.0 Documentation LINK
HCL Notes 14.0 Documentation LINK
HCL Traveler 14.0 Documentation LINK
HCL Notes 14.0 System Requirements (Early Access Program Drop 1) LINK
HCL Domino 14.0 System Requirements (Early Access Program Drop 1) LINK

What’s new in HCL Domino 14.0 Early Access 1

  • New AdminCentral app
    The AdminCentral application (admincentral.nsf) is automatically created by adminP on the Domino administration server. You can open AdminCentral directly from your Notes Standard or Nomad web client, without the need to start Domino Administrator.
  • Installation features
    These Domino features and enhancements can help you upgrade, deploy, and adopt new releases faster.
  • User/server configuration features
    Explore administrative features and enhancements that will empower your users.
  • Security features
    Domino 14.0 EA1 provides the following features and enhancements related to security.
  • Administration features
    In Early Access Drop 1, Domino Administrator 14.0 features the following enhancements.

Core updates

  • JVM upgrade:The JVM for Notes and Designer has been upgraded from Java 1.8 to Java 17 on Windows, Linux, and AIX. Any functionality based on JAXB packages such as CORBA/IIOP or SOAP/WSDL is not supported in Early Access Drop 1.
  • Compiler upgrade: The C++ compiler on Windows has been upgraded from VC 2017 to VC 2022.
  • Eclipse upgrade: Eclipse has been upgraded from 4.6 to 4.22 for Notes and Designer.

Components no longer included in this release

  • As a result of supporting only the 64-bit Admin client, the following components are removed from the Admin client:
    • Java applets for Mail and Replication
    • The Server > Performance tab
    • Health monitoring functionality
  • The following Warning messages are displayed by the JVM in the Domino server and Notes client wherever the internal Java code makes the System::setSecurityManager() API call. These messages do NOT indicate a functional failure and are noted here just for awareness:
    • WARNING: A terminally deprecated method in java.lang.System has been called
    • WARNING: System::setSecurityManager has been called by lotus.notes.AgentSecurityManager (file:/C:/HCL/Domino/ndext/Notes.jar)
    • WARNING: Please consider reporting this to the maintainers of lotus.notes.AgentSecurityManager
    • WARNING: System::setSecurityManager will be removed in a future release

What’s new in HCL Notes 14.0 Early Access 1

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