Domino AUT catalog XML manifest file for Notes V11.x client – updated for 11.0.1 FP6

Last week FP6 was released for Notes/Domino 11. Here is an updated list of xml manifests for AUT that also includes this FP.

Source: HCL KB

Notes 11.0.1FP6 BasicAUTRepository_1101FP6_BasicClient.xml
Notes 11.0.1FP6 Basic NL KitsAUTRepository_1101FP6_BasicClient_NLKits.xml
Notes 11.0.1FP6 Standard All ClientAUTRepository_1101FP6_StandardAllClient.xml
Notes 11.0.1FP6 Standard All Client NL KitsAUTRepository_1101FP6_StandardAllClient_NLKits.xml
Notes 11.0.1FP6 Standard Notes Client OnlyAUTRepository_1101FP6_StandardNotesClient.xml
Notes 11.0.1FP6 Standard Notes Client Only NL KitsAUTRepository_1101FP6_StandardNotesClient_NLKits.xml

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